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Meet Your Audio Workout Coach

Stay focused with guided audio routines.

Why Trellis?

We’ve all had workouts ruined by “quickly” scrolling or talking, only to have time pass and our intensity fade. By announcing when to start, rest and how fast to preform each rep, Trellis helps you focus as if a trainer was guiding you. 

How does it work?


1. Customize

Customize your workouts, rest times and goals.


2. Go

Listen as Trellis announces every start & rest through your headphones.


3. No Phone

Keep your phone down and have an intense, distraction free workout.

"Get in position. Go! 

Cable Press for 10 reps."

Once a set is complete, a rest timer will begin and the cycle will repeat, automatically. At the end of the routine, all workouts are logged and placed on your calendar so you can look back at what you have accomplished. 

What's different?

🤦  Another workout app? Not quite.

🎧  Audio = less distractions & more intense workouts.

🙌  Works with any choice of workouts and music apps!

⏱  Tempo training keeps your pace through each rep.

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Meet Trellis

Download and join the future of exercise.


Coming soon to Google Play.

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